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Supporting your healing journey into balance, alignment, freedom and joy.

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I use a mixture of The Body Code, The Emotion Code, Thetahealing, my own Guided Intuition and connection with Spirit

Work with Me

Working with adults

I work on a one to one basis via Skype with adults. Each session generally takes about an hour and this really depends on how much healing you are able to receive before your body or subconscious tells us it has had enough for the session.

What would you like to heal, change or create in your life? We can look at anything you wish! Here are a few ideas which you might like to use as a starting point: physical illnesses and issues, abundance (or lack of it), emotional problems, guidance from Spirit, PTSD, sleeping better, to improve your athletic performance or concentration, reducing anxiety, recovery after an illness; The list is really endless.

Working with children

Children benefit enormously from my sessions. As with adults, we can help in all areas; physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. The difference is, that your child need not be physically present! When we have our session, you give me permission to connect to your child energetically and then we follow the same programme as if they were present; the beauty being they can be asleep, playing happily or at school while we help them. Once your child reaches about the age of 15 or 16 it might be better for them to have a direct healing with me so that they can understand more about what is going on; certainly, once they reach 18 years old they have free conscious will in this process and must give me their permission directly.

Working with animals

Our animal companions are sentient beings with free will and emotions just the same as humans and so I love to help our fury friends as much as I love to help fellow humans. My help tends to be extremely effective with animals because they are so open to this style of healing and far less complicated and blocked than we humans can become!

My sessions with animals are shorter due to their speedy response and open natures, typically lasting between 20 and 30 minutes maximum and as with children, they don't need to be present; all I require is your permission to connect with their energies. We can work on any issues they have including physical or emotional.

What People Are Saying

Everyone should have a Sarah in their lives. Sarah has worked on me, my son, my mum, my sister and our family dog and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is an amazingly gifted energy, Theta and Body Code healer and therapist. I love the way she combines all these modalities that are so complimentary into her unique practice. I trust Sarah implicitly and she has helped me work through and rid myself of limiting beliefs, helped bring me back into balance when necessary, fortified my physical and mental strength as needed and helped keep me sane during some difficult life challenges. I couldn’t have walked the path without her great support.

In particular I will forever be in her debt and awe for helping my mum come to physical, mental and spiritual peace as she faces the last few months of her life. She has eased the pain and suffering and smoothed not only her path but mine as her daughter and I have such confidence and trust that Sarah has her and out best interests in place.

I cannot imagine not having Sarah as part of my regular ”health and self-care”‘ routine going forwards. I love her gentleness, her openness and her compassion. She is a true earth angel.

Alison Middleton

Integrated Wellness and Transformation Practitioner, Health Nation. Hong Kong.

I had four Body Code sessions with Sarah to address long-term difficulties I was having with stress, low mood, confusion and memory loss.

I really enjoyed the skype sessions and found Sarah very warm and encouraging. After each of the sessions I felt uplifted and greatly motivated to continue with the follow up advice she gave me.

I have since been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, which accounts for some of the problems I was experiencing. I am however pleased to report that I am managing my condition well and feel positive and continuously motivated to both enjoy life and take good care of myself and my health care needs. Thank you Sarah!


I happened to chance upon Sarah through another friend who had shared her experience of Sarah’s work. I wrote to her, who generously gave me her time, energy and a subsidised fee for the sessions. During our first session, I told Sarah that my main concern was my chronic migraine issues that I have been suffering from for the past 13 years. Sarah identified the causes and there was so much that she told me, that I wasn’t consciously aware of . Her gentle , soothing manner and the use of her intuition and guidance has helped me navigate the truths of my life which were unknown to me. She used ‘muscle testing’ and ‘theta healing’ on this quest and proposed a second session in order to alleviate my migraine. During the second session, there was a tremendous amount of healing that took place and I could feel it in my bones and my spirit, the changes and the assurance that I suddenly felt. It is  nothing less than a miracle when I say that, for the first time in 13 years, I have not had a migraine issue. I was able to attend my exams and do them well, without the fear of migraine hindering me. 
I look forward to continuing my sessions with Sarah and wait expectantly to see how my consciousness can expand so that I can live more fully and completely . I owe Sarah, who in her kindness and generosity has simply told me to pay it forward and I hope I can someday do unto another what she has done for me. 

I first met Sarah whilst looking for my lost cat. She was able to reassure me of his safety and then ‘guided’ him to return home. He arrived that evening after having disappeared 5 days previously. Sarah has also helped my dogs; she is able to communicate with them, release trapped emotions and guide me with particular dietary changes using The Body Code.

She has also helped me a lot on a personal level. Her kindness, understanding and ability to connect with the unconscious (and the conscious) helped me to let go of old trapped emotions, to come to new understandings and to liberate and change certain well-established and unhelpful behaviours and thought processes.

The Body Code is incredible. After only a few questions it is possible to get a health check-up for you and your animals.

I am very grateful and respectful of Sarah’s work and as a person. I highly recommend her for both oneself and your pets.


I contacted Sarah when my beloved cat went missing for over 10 hours one cold and stormy February night to give me some insight on her whereabouts by using her ability to connect with animals. After making initial contact with her, I sat waiting for her advice which would come via text.

Within 10 minutes Hettie was at the back door and as I made my way to open the door and let her in, I heard Sarah’s text come through on my mobile. After a great deal of fussing and hugging her, I checked Sarah’s text to see what her advice was. Amazingly, the advice was to open the back door…Sarah had connected easily with Hettie and seeing that she was fit and well had told her to come home!

Hettie the cat

I have many rescued abandoned animals, some heavily traumatised by past ill treatment. These range from a pony, through goats to dogs and cats. Sarah has spoken to many of them, and succeeded not only in helping them to change anti social behaviour, but also to come home after being lost or offended. She has also helped me and my family to drop past trauma and toxicity, with noticeable results. We are collectively very grateful to her for gentle help.

Edwina Emery

Artist and sculptor, Edwinaemeryart.com

Working with Sarah has been such a helpful and insightful experience. She has helped me to balance my emotions and after our sessions I felt much lighter emotionally and ready to take positive steps forward.

Sarah was also able to work with my children remotely, tapping into their emotions and I saw very pleasing results. On one occasion my infant son had a fever and irritating rash; after Sarah worked with him his fever came right down and the rash disappeared within 12 hours. I recommend this therapy wholeheartedly.



When I first had the awareness of the Twin Flame spiritual path I was on, I asked Sarah to have a ‘look’ energetically to give me some advice and guidance from Spirit.

Interestingly, the Twin Flame concept was not something Sarah had any previous knowledge about, but she willingly ‘tuned in’ and immediately came up with information consistent with all I have read about on the internet.

The issues Sarah identified in the reading relating to the self-healing I must undertake in order to be ready for my divine partnership were spot on.

It was such a powerful and enlightening reading which gave me total validation that this was indeed my path.


Dear Sarah,

When you entered into my life I didn’t expect the gift you would give me once!

With love, gentleness and your wisdom you opened the gate to my subconscious and the reply of my body led us rapidly to my deepest fields – fears, imbalances and the heart wall.  All are based in a long list of trapped emotions and all made so much sense, like creating a mosaic of life. You gave me a wise lesson:  listen to the body’s hidden pain from the past and then just let it go. You will feel so much lighter and you understand that there is no guilt for it. Slowly the wall around the heart will melt.

I am still on the way and ready to go further! I am very glad to have found you somewhere on earth. My trust in you is always there!

With lots of love, Regina


Yoga Teacher, Germany

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