I help humans and animals of all ages who are in a state of dis-ease in their physical, mental or emotional bodies to achieve transformational healing from within by helping them to release trapped emotions, identify and change unhelpful sub-conscious belief patterns and to re-balance the bodies’ energetic field; this allows the body to then re-align and heal itself.

My Philosophy

We are all designed to be happy, healthy and in perfect alignment with our true selves. However, we live as physical beings in this world (humans and animals alike) and events happen which push and pull us out of this perfect balance. This in turn causes stress and pain in the mental/emotional body which finally manifests as unhappiness and dis-ease in the physical body as illness.

As we work together in our sessions we lift the burdens of trapped emotions, sub-conscious beliefs which are not serving us and physical imbalances. We can activate abundance, re-train thought processes, lift toxic burdens, identify nutrients which the body is missing and much more.

As this process progresses we are all able to re-align, find increasing feelings of peace and joy and move forwards on our healing journey towards health and happiness. The work we do together gives the body, heart, mind and soul the release and freedom they need to heal, grow stronger and to transform like a phoenix into our truest, brightest and best selves.

My Methods

I use a creative mixture in my sessions of the Body and Emotion Code systems, Thetahealing, my knowledge of Mindfulness and an intuitive and empathic sense guided by Spirit.

My sessions are always conducted via Skype or similar methods; I find that having a physical distance between us actually improves my energy connection and the healings we have are stronger and more accurate.

When working with children (under the age of about 18) and animals, I need permission of their parent (or owner in the case of an animal) but then they do not need to be present or even consciously aware of the healing work. Because I work with energy and the sub-conscious mind positive changes can be experienced by the animals and children!

We are able to work on specific issues or simply ask the body and sub-conscious mind for guidance on what we should work on first. Specific areas that you may like to include in your healing journey might include clearing the Heart Wall, helping morning sickness, opening up to abundance, physical aches and pains or specific dis-ease, emotional issues and really anything which you feel you are out of balance with.

Please note: I am not a trained medical practitioner and my services never replace or undermine the recommendations and guidance of your medical physicians.


My Vision and Goals

My vision is to help my soul tribe (those who are drawn to my help) experience transformational healing; because, whilst we are all unique – we are all on the same journey which ultimately leads us into the experience of our own Divine Light. The more we can shine our own unique lights, the brighter the world becomes.

My goal is to support you on your journey of transformational healing. Are you wanting to grow into your divine expressions of health, freedom and joy? Then become the Phoenix and work with me. My goal is to provide you with loving, supportive sessions which get directly to the root causes of dis-ease. This then enables fast change, healing and re-alignment back to your true self and inner, divine light.

Working with adults

I work on a one to one basis via Skype with adults. Each session generally takes about an hour and this really depends on how much healing you are able to receive before your body or subconscious tells us it has had enough for the session.

What would you like to heal, change or create in your life? We can look at anything you wish! Here are a few ideas which you might like to use as a starting point: physical illnesses and issues, abundance (or lack of it), emotional problems, guidance from Spirit, PTSD, sleeping better, to improve your athletic performance or concentration, reducing anxiety, recovery after an illness; The list is really endless.

Working with children

Children benefit enormously from my sessions. As with adults, we can help in all areas; physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. The difference is, that your child need not be physically present! When we have our session, you give me permission to connect to your child energetically and then we follow the same programme as if they were present; the beauty being they can be asleep, playing happily or at school while we help them. Once your child reaches about the age of 15 or 16 it might be better for them to have a direct healing with me so that they can understand more about what is going on; certainly, once they reach 18 years old they have free conscious will in this process and must give me their permission directly.

Working with animals

Our animal companions are sentient beings with free will and emotions just the same as humans and so I love to help our fury friends as much as I love to help fellow humans. My help tends to be extremely effective with animals because they are so open to this style of healing and far less complicated and blocked than we humans can become!

My sessions with animals are shorter due to their speedy response and open natures, typically lasting between 20 and 30 minutes maximum and as with children, they don't need to be present; all I require is your permission to connect with their energies. We can work on any issues they have including physical or emotional.

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