Healing techniques I use.

A brief description of the modalities I use and links to find out more about the them

The Body Code

Dr Bradley Nelson, has develop the Body Code (of which the Emotion Code is an important part) over many years of helping patients in his chiropractic practice. Once he began using muscle testing to directly ask the body what the underlying cause of the dis-ease was, he started to get remarkable healing results and he soon became the ‘go to guy’ for people who had tried everything else without success!

In the Body code we use muscle testing first to speedily spiral down to the source of an issue. Secondly, we are able to change the energy around the issue by using thought energy (magnified by a magnet) which is sent in to the body via the Governing Meridian.

The Body Code is great for releasing trapped emotions, clearing the Heart Wall, locating and ridding our system of negative energies, pin-pointing which nutrients are deficient, if you have toxins which need to be cleared and much, much more. Too much to tell you about here, so if you are interested in finding out more about this remarkable way of working please follow the link below to his own, body Code website.



 Thetahealing was developed by Vianna Stibal who healed herself over 20 years ago from a serious illness.

Thetahealing is an energy healing in which the practitioner quickly enters a Theta brain wave state (a state also attained in deep meditation). With the client’s permission I connect with their energy body and we area able to make changes with mental/emotional, physical and spiritual issues quickly and easily. I have found that once we are ‘connected’ my clients report feeling deeply relaxed and calm.

Thetahealing is a fantastic way to uncover hidden beliefs which are self-sabotaging and bring in new ‘downloads’ similar to software downloads which help us to have a different and more healthy way of being.

Once we have connected using Theta I am generally also given guidance and insights from Spirit to help with the healing and my intuitive capacities open up very strongly indeed.

There is so much more that I could tell you about Thetahealing and Vianna herself. I am lucky enough to have been taught by her personally and all I can say is that she truly is a remarkable person.If you are interested to find out more please follow the link below to take you directly to her webstie.



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