Hello friends and welcome to Healing Phoenix; I am delighted that you are here:-)

I would love to tell you a little bit about myself and to share my story with you.

I have lived in England, New Zealand, China and Portugal, raised a family and spent much of my working life as a teacher. My life has certainly been interesting and varied but for most of it I was really struggling with feeling considerable physical and emotional pain as well as a Spiritual disconnection. I used to often ask myself ‘This is a good life – why do I feel so bad?’ Throughout my adult life I have had a profound interest in energy work, connecting with Spirit and learning to heal myself coupled with a passionate desire to open my own healing business.


For far too long, my passion and dream of having my own healing business remained firmly there….as a dream because of my fears surrounding leaving a salaried job, setting out on my own etc etc until in 2016 when I was diagnosed with my second manifestation of Breast Cancer.

Finally, at this point I knew that I had to face my deepest fears and move forward in my life; and interestingly enough my deepest fear and blockage proved not to be the fear of dying, but the fear of living!! I finally understood that I couldn’t carry on existing as I had been which was putting my fears and other’s needs first, wearing a mask and hiding my light. I knew that I needed to truly step into my power and live the life I had been denying myself as a Light Worker and Energy Healer.

I made a commitment and declaration to the Universe that I would be a ‘Cancer Phoenix’ as I had cancer at my back, pushing me to either let go and die or to let go and live…… and so I chose to let go and live. I chose to undergo true, honest, courageous, profound and deep inner transformation,

And so, here I am and welcome to Healing Phoenix.



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