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Hi everyone and welcome to my little piece about Healing Through Cancer.

I am quite far along my healing journey with cancer; loving life, growing stronger, learning loads and really transforming myself just like a phoenix. smile

My primary message here for you and your loved ones if you have a cancer diagnosis is that there is hope. Cancer does not have to be a death sentence and there is SO MUCH that you can do to heal yourself, the choices can be really rather overwhelming!

Briefly, my story is that I had my first Breast Cancer diagnosis in 2012 followed by surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. My second Breast Cancer diagnosis was in late 2016 and I had a mastectomy in January of 2017. At this point, with the full and powerful support of my husband I declined any further treatment and set out on a profound and empowering journey back to health using only life supporting and natural methods.


As the wonderful Douglas Adams wrote in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,


The genie is well and truly out of the bottle now regarding the massive variety of effective and more gentle, life supporting ways we can work with cancer. There are thousands of people around the world successfully outliving their prognosis, healing their cancer and living long, happy, healthy lives. Some using a mixture of Western and alternative methods, some doing it 100% naturally.

It has been my experience that as soon as you find out that you have cancer the wheels of the medical system are triggered and we are rushed headlong down a path of rigorous and taxing treatment; it is quite a whirlwind. We are scared beyond words and it is easy to feel disempowered and overwhelmed. I therefore encourage you to take a breath and investigate ALL your options and THEN make your own, informed choices about what you want and how you will proceed. There is no going back, only forward – so I urge you to move forward on this life changing journey with consciousness, intuition and courage. Our inner beliefs and attitude are absolutely vital here and feeling and being self empowered is at the top of the list for healing by whichever means you choose. Become a True Cancer Phoenix!

I will list below some of my favourite resources that I have used…and indeed, continue to use. there are many, many more ‘out there’ but I don’t want to overwhelm you. However, before I share them with you I do really want to explain some fundamental attitudes in my belief system which have finally enabled me to say ‘No thank you’ to the medical establishment (which is not easy to do) and to chart my own destiny. 

  • our bodies are designed to be well and healthy
  • our mental/emotional body is designed to be happy
  • illness is just our beautiful and wise body alerting us to inner pain and imbalance
  • by moving back into alignment with who we truly are, shining our light, feeling joyful and reducing stress: we can heal
  • by changing our diets, detoxing, releasing trapped emotions: we can heal and grow strong
  • this is the planet of free will and we always, always, always have choices
  • disease of any sort is NOT the enemy
  • our bodies are NOT the enemy
  • disease can only exist if our ‘inner terrain’ has fertile energy for that disease
  • everyone’s body and circumstances are different; listen to your intuition and chart a course which is right for YOU. This might include a variety of traditional Western treatments and more holisitic treatments, treatments from around the world, ancient and modern

I am not a cancer victim and neither do I suffer from cancer and so therefore I also choose not to refer to myself as a cancer survivor. I am not fighting cancer, cancer is not calling the shots…why would I fight my body which is so full of life and wisdom?

I am a Cancer Phoenix. Cancer has pushed me to face myself, to love and accept myself, to live in gratitude, to examine and heal my life on every level, to connect more profoundly to Spirit, to grow and transform…..just like the magical, wonderful phoenix.

Cancer has become a modern day epidemic in the Western world for humans and our pets. Half of all men and two thirds of women are now being diagnosed with cancer and numbers are rising rapidly. The numbers are the same for cats and dogs!

Unfortunately, current standard medical treatments are extremely harsh and damaging to our overall health and they have limited benefits for many. So cancer strikes fear into our hearts, not just because of the poor outcomes but the great suffering created by the therapies we are presribed.

My favourite resources to support your journey as a Cancer Phoenix

Click Here

Any search online will bring you plenty of options as will a visit to Amazon and that is where I began. The ideas here are far from exhaustive and so my advice and encouragement to you is to really follow your intuition in how you proceed and which people you take guidance from. We are all different and so we will all have our own particular path to tread. What is right for me, may not be so for you.

Chris had colon cancer as a young man and after surgery declined chemotherapy. The result? A healthy, thriving man with a popular blog and a cancer protocol (which I bought and followed called Square One). He has loads of interviews with folks who have/are healing their cancer naturally and plenty of interviews from a variety of experts too. A really useful and powerful place to go for guidance and support as a Cancer Phoenix.

For those of you with a Stage 4 cancer who have been given a short time to live (or those with plenty of cash to invest in their healing) I recommend researching and going to one of the cancer clinics which are healing cancer or reducing its grip very successfully. You will find them in Germany and Mexico primarily as far as I can gather.
If I needed to, I would go to the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. (Sophie Sabbage who I recommend above has visited here for treatment)

Chris Woollam’s website is absolutely fantastic; it covers both traditional and alternative methods. I believe he lost his daughter to cancer and created this website as a result. He wanted to make a comprehensive and highly useful resource centre for those facing cancer. A great place to start.

Sophie Sabbage is a truly beautiful writer and remarkable woman. She is using a mixture of Western and alternative approaches to stay alive way beyond her prognosis of stage 4 cancer. She is still on her journey. She has a blog and two wonderful books called ‘The Cancer Whisperer’ and ‘Life Shocks: and how to love them.’ She travels and speaks powerfully (I met her:-)) and is also now advising the NHS on how to imporve their provision for cancer patients.

Lissa has a fab book which is one of my favourites called ‘Mind over Medicine’ an MD herself who had many illnesses (not cancer) who has researched many cases of how the power of the mind helps us heal (or grow ill). Not surprisingly, she managed to come off the cocktail of drugs she was on and heal most of her conditions. A very empowering message indeed in her book.

These guys lost many family memebers to cancer and went on a quest to get some answers. What they uncovered is extraordinary. You can buy their docuseries or see lots of clips on Youtube and their website. An absolute must have, if you are truly going to become an educated Cancer Phoenix!



Kelly A. Turner. Ph.D. and her awesome book ‘Radical Remission. Surviving Cancer Against All Odds’

She has researched the actions which cancer patients take who successfully heal themselves. There are 75! However, she found that ALL of these people ALL did the same 9 things and writes about these 9 key factors in her book.

The great news is that I intuitively started making radical life changes for myself in ALL these 9 areas after my second Breast Cancer!!laughing

When a doctor tells you that there is no hope for you and that your case is terminal remember this: What they really mean is that they have no hope for you looking from and within THEIR PARADIGM ONLY and using THEIR CANCER TREATMENTS ONLY. Never all0w a man or woman in a white coat to have the power of life and death over you. Just because they say so, does not make it true. Claim your power and go and create your own miracles if you truly wish to live. There are alternatives, other experts and many, many thousands of Radical Remission creators who have walked this path before you.

There is always hope!

Become a Cancer Phoenix

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